The Crew

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Picture This Productions is a Montreal-based production company that has been making award winning television programming since 1995. They have produced over 15 documentaries for Canadian broadcasters as diverse as History TV, CTV, Global, Rogers/OMNI, CBC, Knowledge Network, TVOntario, Canal D, Historia, Société Radio-Canada and APTN. We have a special passion for social issue documentaries that engage and entertain!

Director/ Co-Producer Maureen Marovitch 

MaureenMaureen always been drawn to making documentaries that help shed light on little known and little understood communities and the amazing people within them. She started with her pioneering award-winning 1994 documentary Longshots which put cameras into the hands of street youth. Her festival favourite film “When Two Won’t Do” delved into the world of polyamorists while “The Invisible Red Thread” travelled to China to introduce an international adoptee to her locally adopted counterpart. She’s written the 6 part documentary series “Watchers of the North” for APTN and the upcoming series “Arm Nation” about Aboriginal arm wrestlers. She has also produced and directed more than a dozen  other one-off documentaries and short fiction films with her filmmaking and life partner David Finch. She took an ASL 101 classes during the film’s production and learned enough to appreciate how much she still has to learn about the poetic and challenging language! You can read more about her here.

Co-Producer David Finch


David Finch, whose work has been nominated for an International Emmy (the kids series The BuzZone),  has also produced and directed documentary series. He was the series director and producer on the Arctic series “Watchers of the North”. He spent three years as a Board Member of the Hot Docs festival and helps teach the new generation of filmmakers at Champlain College. He is also a keen ferroequinologist (a train enthusiast). He very much enjoyed taking an ASL 101 classes during the film’s production at the MAB Mackay Centre. You can read more about him here.

Associate Producer Daniel Hallen
IMG_2033Daniel Hallon is a graduate of McGill Political Science and Psychology (B.A. & Sc.) and of Journalism from the University of British Columbia (M.J.). He has been working with Picture This Productions for over three years and looks after all things logistical when not doing some additional shooting on this film. His two dogs are named after famous jazz musicians Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis.

Line Producer Ryan Prizant

Ryan has been working in TV and web video production for the past several years. Most recently, he spent four years as unit manager for CMJ Productions on several of their series for Slice and the Investigation Discovery Network. Ryan also has experience in the digital world producing comedy web videos, short films and commercials. With over 50 000 subscribers, his co-owned production company, Boo Ya Pictures, has accumulated over 12 millions views across 100 videos on its YouTube Channel.

Director of Photography / Editor Andre Lai

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Andre Lai is a recent graduate of Concordia University’s Communication Studies Program. He has a beautiful sense of composition and a sensitive style of documentary filming which you can see on several of the corporate and promotional videos he’s shot and edited for Picture This Productions. Andre is also a keen YouTuber in his spare time – you can watch his videos here.