You Can Now Watch Our Series Worldwide!

If you can access YouTube, you can now watch our exciting, touching series from anywhere on the planet!

For Canadian viewers, catch it at

For viewers worldwide, see the 8 part series on CBC’s YouTube Channel !

Filmed in English, American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ),  ‘Seen & Heard” follows the adventures of a troupe of Deaf and hearing actors and stage crew mounting a unique Deaf-themed version of “The Little Mermaid”. Many of the cast and crew have little or no theatre experience, and most of the Deaf actors use Langue de signes québécoise (LSQ) and don’t know American Sign Language (ASL) or English. But the biggest struggle happens in the wings of the theatre, where the norms and values of Deaf culture can clash with those of the hearing world. Will the players be able to unite for show time?